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blt High quality resources

blt Large outdoor play area

blt Established over 30 years

Partnership with Parents

We value the involvement of parents in the setting and work with you to ensure that children make seamless transitions between learning at home and at the preschool. We achieve this through maintaining effective communication between keyworkers and parents. Key workers use the information you provide about your child’s interests at home to create a development plan that takes those interests into consideration. We will provide you with regular feedback on their progress and any other actions you can take to further support their learning.

Parents are also encouraged to get involved in the preschool in a variety of ways including;

  • participating in the parent rota
  • preparing the termly newsletter
  • attending trips organised by the preschool
  • using specific skills to enhance the preschool curriculum e.g. providing music sessions
  • and supporting with fundraising activities / events.

Opening hours

Morning session 09:00 - 12:00

Monday to Friday

Afternoon session 12:00 – 15:00

Monday to Friday

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